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Why Stainless Steel?

Tendencies in man fashion are favouring jewelries and accessories made of steel rather than those of precious metals.
The used stainless steel is precious and is 316L.
The steel is the power men are looking for.


UGO MAN designers, which are striving to give the best to men, made a fashion line with variety of jewelries and accessories.
The collection UGO MAN suggests what men want. These are pendants, bracelets, necklaces. There are stainless steel, 18k gold, pure silver, carbon and man’s strength there.
The signature of man, created UGO MAN is a guarantee for strength.

UGO MAN - that is man’s brand.

Why to use internet when you order?

When you purchase UGO MAN jewelries using Internet you will receive 10% discount of the price.
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